Apples and Yams                                                            Irene Cardon Christensen

3-4 yams                        6 lg cooking apples
Boil yams…let cool…peel, dice or slice.  Peel and slice apples.  Alternate layers of yams/apples in 3 qt casserole. Add ½ sauce, then layer again:
1 c sugar                        4 Tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp salt                        2 c liquid (1 c orange juice/1 c water)
Mix and thicken.  Add ½ c margarine.   Bake covered 1 hr at 350º.  Remove cover  10 min at 400º.                                                                                    Serves 12
 Don't have the one for marshmallows....just add some Br sugar to the yams and place in 9x13.  Heat in over for 20 min, then top w/ marshmallows.  Heat to melt marsh.  
Zuppa Tuscana 
(like they serve at Olive Garden!)

1 lb Italian sausage (mild, sweet, or spicy)
2 large russet baking potatoes, sliced in half, and then in 1/4 inch slices (red potatoes are great too!)
1 large onion, chopped fine
1/4 cup uncooked chopped bacon or 
bacon bits
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 cups kale or 2 cups swiss chard, chopped
1 1/2 qts chicken broth 
(or 2 - 14.5 oz cans of chicken broth and 1 quart water + 2 chicken bullion cubes)
1 cup heavy whipping cream (or Half & Half)
Salt & Pepper to taste
*if you like it a little spicy, add a couple of shakes of crushed red pepper flakes

In your soup pot, cook the bacon until crispy, 
then using about 1 T. of the bacon grease, (or if you are using precooked bacon bits, use 1 T. olive oil) 
saute' the onions until translucent or slightly caramelized.
Add uncooked Italian sausage, broken into small pieces and cook until done or browned.
Remove the browned meat and set aside, but leave some the drippings and some of the onions if possible.
(If you have a lot of grease from the sausage, drain some of it off, but try to leave the most of the onions and bacon bits for flavor.)
Add minced garlic and chicken broth and/or water and bullion to your soup pot and stir.
Add potatoes and cook on medium-high heat until potatoes are done.
When the potatoes are cooked, add back your browned sausage and bacon (or add precooked bacon bits at this point)
Add Salt and pepper to taste.
Simmer for another 5-10 minutes.
Turn to low heat. Add kale and cream (or Half&Half).
Heat through and serve.
Tomato & Basil Bisque
from kayleah
4 T. butter or Olive oil
1 medium - large onion, finely diced
1-3 celery ribs, finely diced
1 whole sweet red pepper, finely chopped (can also be grill/oven roasted first)
3-6 (or more J) garlic cloves, finely minced (if roasting red peppers, throw these on the pan too!)
4 T. flour
2 (14.5 oz) cans of (crushed or stewed) tomatoes
1 (6 oz) can of tomato paste
2 tsp. sugar
4 c. chicken or vegetable broth
2 bay leaves
2 tsp basil (or more if desired) or 3Ž4 cup fresh basil, finely chopped
1Ž4 c. cream (or milk or 1Ž2 & 1Ž2) as much as desired to bring to desired consistency
Salt and Pepper to taste
(optional: add a can of v-8 for more flavor and servings of veggies! Or add 1 c. of finely chopped carrot)

Saute onion, garlic, celery and red pepper (carrot?) until tender and onions are translucent (not too hot or garlic will burn). Then add 4 T. flour and stir and cook til the flour begins to brown and it creates a paste. Add the tomato paste and mix well, then add the tomatoes (if there is a lot juice, add this slowly, while you are stirring constantly, to keep the flour from being lumpy). Add sugar, broth, (V-8?) bay leaves, stirring well and bring to a simmer. Remove bay leaf then add basil. At this point,. If you want a smoother soup, fill your blender about half way at a time (hot liquid will expand as blended-put a lid on it!) and blend in batches til smooth, strain if desired) Before serving, add cream and salt and pepper. Cook only til heated through (don’t boil if possible).
Serve with croutons and parmesan cheese or toasty grilled cheese sandwiches J Yum!
*The thing that’s awesome about this soup is you can do any variation by adding more or less veggies, if you don’ have it, leave it out! Try it Latino style with cilantro instead of basil or add more Italian seasoning for Italian Style. Chunky or smooth and creamy. Use it as a base for many combinations!

Coconut Sweet Potato Bisque                                                  Anne Johnson
4 C. water                                                                        1-1/2 tsp. honey
2 large sweet potatoes (not yams)                                    2-1/2 tsp. sea salt
1 can (14-oz.) unsweetened coconut milk                        1/4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 Tbsp. brown sugar                                                            1/2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
1-1/2 tsp pure maple syrup

In a 4-qt. saucepan, combine water + sw pots (peeled + sliced 1/4 in).  Bring to boil and then reduce heat and simmer 15-20 min, till pots tender.  Heat to low. Mash pots in  water by hand.  Add next 7 ingred.  Simmer 15 minutes til thickens. In a small bowl combine 4-1/2 tsp water w/ 4-1/2 tsp. cornstarch.  Add to the soup w/ 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper.  Low heat 5 min longer.  Blend soup (1/2 at a time) on high for about a minute til completely smooth.  Transfer all of the puree back to the saucepan. Heat and serve.  Makes about 6-8 servings.

No-Bake Granola Bars 

From Candra

2 c. quick oats from food storage
1 ½ c. unsweetened shredded coconut (Good Earth or Winco bulk section)
½ c. uncooked 9-grain cereal (Good Earth or Winco bulk section)
1 ½ c. chopped almonds or any other nut/seed you have on hand
1 ½ c. chips (mini chocolate chips, carob, dark, semi-sweet, white) and/or dried fruit
¾ c. honey or agave
1 ¼ c. peanut butter or almond butter
A few shakes of cinnamon

In a large bowl, mix the oats, coconut, 9-grain, nuts, chips and/or fruit. In a smaller separate bowl, whisk the honey/agave and peanut butter, then pour into dry mixture and mix really well. Shake in some cinnamon and press into a 9x13-inch pan. Refrigerate before cutting into bars and wrapping in Saran Wrap.
12 Grain Homemade Bread
From Chenae

3 c. hot tap water
1 c. 9 grain cracked cereal, uncooked (can also use steel cut oats)
2 Tbsp. + 2 tsp. millet
2 Tbsp. + 2 tsp. flax seed
1/2 c. sunflower seeds
1/4 c. vital wheat gluten

1/3 c. honey
1/3 c. oil
1 Tbsp. salt
1 Tbsp. + 1-1/2 tsp. yeast
1 Tbsp. + 1-1/2 tsp. dough enhancer

5-7 c. whole wheat flour (freshly ground is ideal, but not necessary)

Measure hot water, cereal, millet, flax seed, sunflower seeds and wheat gluten into mixer bowl. Mix gently to fold. Add yeast and enough flour to make a pancake consistency. Let sit until mixture has risen a couple inches from the top of the bowl; 15-20 minutes. Add honey, oil and salt and mix. Add whole wheat flour once up at a time. Begin mixing and add dough enhancer. Knead for 7 minutes. Spray loaf pans and/or muffin tins then form into loaves and/or rolls. Cover with a clean towel and let rise for about 30 minutes. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes for loaves and 15 minutes for rolls.

* I had to let it rise for almost an hour in a warm oven.
* Made 2 loaves plus 12 small rolls.

Bea's Pizza Sauce

3 garlic cloves
3 T olive oil
1 can tomato past, plus can water
1 can crushed tomatoes
2 T. brown sugar
1 T. Italian season
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

Saute garlic in oil until fused. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Bring to boil. Reduce heat. simmer for 30 minutes. Can refrigerate for up to a week.